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I am loving some of the dresses worn to the Emmys this year. I thought I’d do a round up of my absolute favourites… and then show you the ones that made me recoil back in horror! My lady love Christina … Continue reading

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Im sitting here eating cold toast and trying to find a coat online that I like the look of. It’s all a bit dreary to be honest and im hoping against hope that the shops start peddling more than some … Continue reading

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Sorry to seem like such a massive Buffy geek but well, I am. I love the programme, love the characters, love it all really. At some point I want to do a post on my favourite characters from Buffy – … Continue reading

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Sorry for being a bad blogger lately – have been ill. I have been missing my blog though so am glad to be back! Christina Hendricks is another one of my massive style crushes. I think she is perfection. Not … Continue reading

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You have probably seen this advert on tv. I hate it with a passion that is only rivalled by how much I hate the objectification of women in the media or the sexualisation of young girls or, you know, spiders. … Continue reading

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I am loving jewellery at the moment; with shops having such an uninspiring range of clothes in lately, the only thing to get excited about is jewellery! I am loving the new hoops coming through that I can wear through my flesh … Continue reading

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I believe that all behaviour is learnt – I think the way we act, interact, speak, walk, dress, even think to some extent is all the result of everything around us. In sociology we look at the idea of socialisation … Continue reading

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Its rainy and cold outside, duvets are snuggled under again instead of just pushed aside at night and it’s getting lovely and colder yet fashion hasn’t really caught up yet. Sure we have been teased with gorgeous images of what to expect … Continue reading

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A few of my friends have recently got engaged. Whilst trying to drown out the part of me that is screaming ‘why god why? when is it my turn!?’ I’ve been thinking about how much I actually hate weddings and … Continue reading

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I love rings. Not classy rings but tacky, massive, hideous things. In the last few weeks I have bought loads; a gorgeous owl one from Claires Accessories, an eagle from New Look, a big gold and cream flower from Primark … Continue reading

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You know, diets are big business. There’s a lot going on with something that revolves around not a lot going in. Big companies make millions from us wanting to be thinner; Slimming World, Weight-watchers, Slim-fast, Atkins, Zone, blah blah blah. I’ve obsessed … Continue reading

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Sex and the City is a bit like a bubble bath to me; with baths I know I should love them. I am a girl so it’s practically my birthright to crave a bath at the end of a long … Continue reading

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I love flesh tunnels – I wear hoops through mine all the time and bought some amazing new hoops today with dangly pugs on! I have been stretching my ears up and changing the size all the time so never … Continue reading

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I love having a blog and have got about a million things I want to post about. For now though let me share my all time, ultimate girl icon/crush. Hello Diane Kruger! I think she is a goddess. There are … Continue reading

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a few wants; This is so adorable – I already have a cape but this one is beautiful and I love the lining. French Connection are a bit overpriced for me usually but this is making my purse tingle. These … Continue reading

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