I really dislike summer. Saying that out loud means people normally stare at me as if I’d said ‘I hate puppies’ but hear me out; I hate feeling hot and sweaty and I especially hate summer clothes; too much flesh and pastel for me and nothing really seems to go or match or look right. This summer I have embraced maxi dresses, air conditioning and the art of staying inside at all possible times whilst counting down the days until stores started discounting all the summer crap and bringing in autumn/winter clothes.

For me, winter clothes are gorgeous. Layering, dark colours like forest green, burgandy, navy and obviously black with a bit of cream and nude thrown in for good measure, beautiful textures like lace, velvet and tweed and boots. I just adore everything about winter clothes but if I could only get excited about one thing in winter fashion it would be coats. I have about 27 coats and every winter I am instantly on the hunt for a new one. Last winter I was obsessed with coloured coats and the winter before it was the shape that grabbed me; I found a gorgeous one with a full skirt that I adored. I have been desperate to find a military coat for years. Every year a few come out that I think could be ‘the one’ but the shape is always wrong, the fit is always a bit off, the buttons aren’t great or the colour doesn’t seem right. I would sell my soul for the right navy  wool military coat with gold buttons!

There aren’t that many coats around at the moment; stores are still peddling boyfriend blazers and leather jackets but I found a couple that have peaked an interest..




I am so excited about all the new coats that will hopefully be flying into stores soon!

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  • Yes, yes and yes.
    I love winter for fitted coats, scarves, gloves and hats. I love wearing autumnal colours like reds and greens.

    You have so many coats! haha I just have the one but every winter I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect one. Where do you normally shop? xxxx

    • em

      Winter is just amazing! I get my coats from everywhere really – my favourite coat atm is from Miss Selfridge but I have a couple of vintages ones, a couple from Topshop, some Primark bargains and some from places like Bank, Next and Dorothy Perkins! xxxx