I love having a blog and have got about a million things I want to post about. For now though let me share my all time, ultimate girl icon/crush.

Hello Diane Kruger!

I think she is a goddess. There are so many women that I love looking at and admire in a fashion sense but none as much as her. I’m not a Kate Moss fan and think that Alexa Chung is so thin it is almost painful to look at her now. The T4 girls don’t do it for me and whilst I can appreciate that Sarah Jessica Parker pushes fashion boundaries and is original, after seeing Sex and the City 2 I don’t think I can respect any decision she makes ever again. I think Agyness Deyn dresses like a blind idiot raided a lost property bin and Cheryl Cole is a bit too trendy chav, too Barbie and too Jane Norman for me. That kinda rules out a lot of the more magazine friendly style icons but still leaves bucket loads of gorgeous, well dressed ladies to drool over.

I love that Diane is fluent in French and English as well as her native German and think her voice is adorable. Fair enough, her movie choices have sometimes been a bit car crash tragic but her wardrobe choices have always been Oscar worthy to me. That’s a bit corny but it really is true; I think she always looks fantastic and read somewhere that she chooses all of her own outfits and doesn’t use stylists which makes me love her even more as she is showing her own style off rather than relying on someone else to decide what she likes.

I love that she can switch it up between being quite androgynous and  gloriously feminine and look completely comfortable in her own skin.

Whilst I’m not normally a fan of blondes in boys or girls, for some reason I love Diane’s hair. It is very glamorous and always styled in a kind of easy, effortless way such as a messy plait or loose curls. It kind of makes me think that they would be easy to copy.

Here, have some Diane Kruger facts!

– Diane shorted her surname to Kruger – originally it was Heidkruger

– She started out as a ballet dancer but started to model after she got injured.

– You pronounce her name ‘Dion’

– She put on 15lb for the role of Helen in Troy.

– She has been married and divorced and is now pretty loved up with Joshua Jackson

‘Beauty does certainly open doors, but I’d be miserable if I thought that’s all I have. I respect actors too much to presume I’m here because I’m pretty’

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