You already know about two of my lady loves – Miss Kruger and Christina Hendricks. Well, here have another one: Charlotte from Sex and the City. Not Kristin Davis mind, just her character Charlotte. To me, she epitomises old school, pure unadulterated feminine glamour. Everything she wears is beautifully fitted, fantastically co-ordinated and looks luxuriously expensive. She is a gorgeous pear shape and really dresses to emphasise her best bits; she wears gorgeous fitted dresses, all 50s style full skirts and nipped in waist at their very best. I can count on one hand the number of times I can remember Charlotte wearing trousers in the programme which I can really relate to as I love wearing dresses and hate wearing jeans or trousers. Sadly, that is where our similarities begin and end as I could never look as polished and groomed as Charlotte does!

This is one of my all time favourite Charlotte dresses

She has my dream hair – glossy, wavy in a dreamy romantic but yet very deliberate way and the length is gorgeous.

Even though I think her character is a bit frustrating in the way she completely panders to traditional views of women – aka all we want is marriage, children and a husband to support us – I still love Charlotte. Sure, the way she views getting married as a requisite for happiness and the fact that so much of her self worth is defined by her relationship status is quite annoying and yet there is an obvious vulnerability to her character that I think is evident in a lot of people; despite her being a bit coy and held back when it comes to sex talk her desire to be loved and the way she is so sure of what she wants is very evident and proudly shown.

I do love Carrie’s style and every so often she wears something that makes me go ooooohhhhh.

But, because she wears so many hideous outfits I can’t commit to her like I can with Charlotte!

Im sorry – i know the wedding dress is all kinds of iconic and everyone loves it BUT i think it is hideous. I literally shudder everytime I see it because it’s disgusting. The top part looks stupid, the material is creased and cheap looking and her hair and make up in this scene is so severe that she looks older than she is.

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