Some girls love guitarists. Others are crazy for the front man – the singer. I am all about the drummers. For me, the drummer works the hardest in the band – they set the tone, keep the beat and keep everyone else on time and in tune with each other. Plus drummers have great rhythm and know how to hit it.

The boy is a drummer and there is nothing sexier than watching him play. He plays barefoot and there is something so insanely hot about drumming. It’s hard and rough and energetic, loud and dominating. Whenever I’m at gigs it’s always the drummer i’m checking out.

The Rev – Avenged Sevenfold. I was devastated when he died in 2009.

A good drummer can make an ok band into a great band. Just like a shit drummer can ruin a band’s chances. One of my favourite drummers of all time is Travis Barker – you can see how much he loves it and he brings so much energy. I also love Dan Trapp (Senses Fail) and Brandon Saller. (Atreyu)

Also – just because no mention of drumming would be complete without it – here is the amazing Cadburys advert with the gorilla drumming!

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