I love Post Secret – I read them every Sunday. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by the misery but most of the time I feel hopeful reading them. Some of the secrets could be mine. If you don’t know what Post Secret is you should check it out – www.postsecret.com. People send in their big secrets on decorated postcards; simple but effective! Here are my favourites; you’ll have to guess which ones I identify with!

In other news…

– My ASOS parcel arrived; out of the seven dresses I ordered I am only keeping three. Sad times. The gorgeous black organza one looks hideous on as it is really tight but the ruffly bits flop around and hang weirdly, as does the trapeze ruffle dress; I look like I’m wearing a very stylish but very large tent. The nude skater dress is the oddest fit ever – it has a really long body and looks so awkward on. The Dahlia and Sugarhill Boutique dresses are both gorgeous though as is the zip front one so those three well make up for the hassle of having to go and post the others back! I think the peter pan Sugarhill one is a bit short for work but so cute on so I’m keeping it. Because I do have a life outside of school. Kind off.

– My year 12s made an excellent point; why, when I am so against the objectification of women in the media and the fact they we are treated as nothing more than sex objects do I have a topless photo of Zac Efron on my computer?! (I know, I know.) Very valid. In my defense I like him for his personality…

Absolutely. I blame Amanda for this actually – she really likes him and because I keep posting topless shots of him on her facebook wall I ended up thinking oh hello mr. I was a bit worried at first because he looks about 16 but rest assured – he is 22 and so perfectly fine to lust over.

– I bought this dress from Topshop

in a massive rush on Wednesday. I love the colour; that forest green looks so nice with my hair, and thought it would be great with thick tights and clumpy boots – It is too short though. I really, really hate people wearing tops as dresses. In my opinion it doesn’t ever look nice, even if you have the ‘best’ legs in the world. I think it looks cheap and a bit uncomfortable and awkward. I know a lot of people will disagree with that. I think it is because I hate leggings being worn as trousers and people pairing tight tops or indecent ‘dresses’ with them. I see girls walking around all the time with these tiny little tops on and the second they walk up some stairs or bend over or move even you can see their knickers or their bum through their worn leggings. It does my head in. So this needs to be returned. Probably replaced with something else knowing me but I haven’t been really impressed with Topshop lately. Apart from the coat of dreams and the stag earrings (which I managed to track down on ebay – cost a lot more than in the store but so worth it as they are INSANELY FIERCE.) nothing has really caught my eye in their lately. It’s all a bit Agyness Deyn for me – hideous patterned cardigans and german boy soldier shorts. Not my style.

I accidently acquired a new coat taking me to somewhere around 30 coats now. Eek. This one is mustard yellow and was an ebay bargain. I justified it by saying that I don’t have a yellow coat and it is one of my favourite colours. Also it can liven up a black outfit or something. I don’t know, it just called out to me and then I got into a bit of a bidding war online and I hate to lose.

I think it will look so cute on. Fingers crossed!

– School review is over, thank god. Ofsted are still expected any minute so I need to make sure I mark everything. I’m so rubbish with marking normally – probably shouldnt admit that though. Scrap that – am brilliant at marking. Definitely do not put it off for months on end or lose homework ever.

– I am loving this song; I don’t like The Saturdays much tbh as they seem a bit manufactured and plastic doll shiny for me but this song is so catchy. I was dancing to it in my classroom yesterday and when I looked up some other teachers were watching me through the door and laughing!

The video is a million kinds of cringe but I love the song. Ignore the terrible Beatles mock up or the synchronised leg crossing (really)

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  • I love Postsecret too – in fact that first card i have uploaded onto Facebook…
    what I like best is reading the livejournal comments every sunday when a new Postsecret post is made, the discussions are awesome!

    Really nice peter pan collared dress, I love forest green!

    Adele x

  • Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! 🙂