What on earth is going on? First Christina Hendricks is apparently jumping on the diet bandwagon and now Crystal Renn has gone and downsized.

She is still beautiful but what is so scary is that she still considers herself a plus size model?

She looks tiny now but is saying that she is a UK  12-14 which seems unbelievable. I remember her smashing onto the fashion scene and being a massively controversial addition to Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk show. She also appeared in numerous magazines talking of her eating disorder and how she felt much better ‘bigger’ I remember reading an interview with her in Glamour and being completely touched by everything she said. Now it feels like a betrayal of sorts? Sorry to sound all dramatic but I loved the way she didnt seem to care about society’s unrealistic standards and now it seems that she does. To me she will always look amazing like this:

Moving on..

Right now I am loving:

– Strawberry Angel Delight – amazing

– Fresh flowers in the house

– Thick tights

– Tweed

– Half term – lie ins, trashy daytime tv, wearing my pajamas all day and having time to actually read all the magazines I buy

– Christmas! I am going to start writing my wish list tonight! I already have ideas about what I’m going to buy for some people so that is exciting

– Dragonfruit vitamin water.

– Cadburys flakes. It is so bad though because we keep buying those multi packs of mini cadburys things (for trick or treaters..) and I end up eating all the flakes.

– The new Maxfactor foundation – it is amazing. It is really soft and light on but covers really well and is actually pale enough for my casper white skin.

– Sparkly nail varnish

– Being inside when it is raining outside!

Right now I am not liking

– People who spit in the street – hello, manners? Or people who spit in the street and then give you an evil when you look at them

– My new brown hair – I don’t hate hate it, it is just a shock! It is very shiny and soft but so different from the red. I feel a bit bland almost like there is nothing exciting about my head anymore?!

– Snog Marry Avoid – It makes me embarrassed to be human. Where the hell do they find these people? They all look like they are one step away from  appearing on Jeremy Kyle or in court

– Getting wet feet in the rain 🙁

– When clothes are on the wrong size hanger. Massive excitement at finding something you love in your size and then oh, massive sadness when it turns out to be on the wrong bloody hanger.

– People who shout at other people from across the street causing everyone to jump, stop and stare whilst the person being shouted at mumbles hi and shuffles off/ shouts back in a equally annoying way

– Parents who let their children hit people with the wrapping paper rolls in shops. Is it ok for me to hit your child back with one? No, didnt think so.

– Everyone I know having babies! Seriously, my facebook is literally chock a block with pictures of their babies – sitting up, crawling, breathing etc etc and I feel like all I have achieved in life is a colour coordinated wardrobe and an unhealthy collection of heart shaped sunglasses.

– People having massively loud conversations on the bus. I don’t care about your life, sorry. Please respect the fact that it is 7am and shut up.

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