I think it is time for a new style love post! So far I have told you how much I admire Christina Hendricks, Charlotte from SATC and Diane Kruger.

The next lovely lady on my list of style icons is Maggie Gyllenhaal. I absolutely love how she dresses – she has a quirky, vintage wardrobe and always looks a bit edgy, a bit different to me. I think she is beautiful but there is something unconventional about her – she doesn’t quite fit the cookie cutter mould of typical Hollywood beauty and yet that is kind of what makes her more attractive to me.

I really love the film choices she has made as well – Donnie Darko, Sherrybaby, Crazy Heart etc. They all fit her indie, alternative kind of image. Nothing too major, nothing too cliche. One of my favourites has to be Secretary. I love that film – it is so dark and touching and I thought she was insanely good in it. Mona Lisa Smile as well – her character was a bit damaged, a bit off the wall and she really conveyed this sweet vulnerability and made the character move you.

I think everyone knows that Maggie is Jake’s sister and he seems to have picked a few kind of off  centre films as well – Brokeback Mountain which is beautiful and The Good Girl as well as the amazing Donnie Darko where Maggie and him had the challenging task of playing brother and sister..

Maggie is married with a daughter, Ramona and I love that her relationship and family life are kept pretty private. In a world where some celebs would sell their own grandmother for a few column inches, Its nice that Maggie keeps it to herself and doesn’t force her daughter to smile for a tacky magazine for a few £.

I wasn’t massively in love with her Agent Provocateur campaign – It seemed a bit random. The underwear was gorgeous though and kind of in keeping with Maggie’s vintage, quirky style.

She has done a few big films like The Dark Knight which she was cute in but her style tends to gear towards playing kind of offbeat characters. All in all, I really love her style. I couldnt see myself in a lot of the clothes she wears but I love that she really sticks to her own style and it really suits her

I’ll leave you with a few of Maggie’s quotes

‘Having an education is invaluable.’

‘I don’t see that many movies lately that are actually about something, that are trying to challenge something about the way that people interact.’

“Each cut, each scar, each burn, a different mood or time. I told him what the first one was, told him where the second one came from. I remembered them all. And for the first time in my life I felt beautiful. Finally part of the earth. I touched the soil and he loved me back.”

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