It is time for another style icon post!

No one will ever beat Diane Kruger (she is perfection to me) but there are some women that come pretty close. As written before, Christina Hendricks is up there, as are Maggie and Charlotte. ( check under my ‘style love’ posts if you want to see!) However, the only person who could ever potentially beat Diane for me is Karen Gillan. I am in love with her style. Everything she wears I adore. More than that, I could see myself in all of her outfits – ┬áNot so much her sexy Dr Who wardrobe but the stuff she wears in ‘real life’! I love the way she mixes it up, pairing a blazer with a lace dress or teaming an all black outfit with some bright blue shoes. I think she puts things together so well. I never see her in something I dislike.

Here are my favourite outfits she has worn

This is one of my all time favourites

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Something I love about Karen is that she looks really comfortable in what she is wearing; she doesn’t look like she has been shoe horned in or that it took four people to zip her up. She looks like she has just thrown something on and looks amazing. Her style is really relaxed and gorgeous because she always looks happy and comfy. I love that. If anyone was going to replace Diane in my heart, it would be Karen!

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