It is time for another style icon post! This time around we have a lady who probably features on lots of people’s style icon lists; Rachel Bilson. She always looks amazing – never too polished or overdone but beautiful, adorable and indefinitely cool. Her outfits always manage to look well thought out and yet have that ‘just thrown on’ cool vibe to them which I love.

I loved her in The O.C. I was never a Mischa Barton fan – I don’t know why but her style never appealed to me. Right from the beginning I loved Rachel’s character – she was a bit spoilt, a madam and I loved that! In real life as well, I just loved every article about her and her style. She is tiny, has freckles, gorgeous hair and looks like she would be amazing to hang out with.

I really like how she accessories as well; great bags, scarves, jewellery, shoes.

I ADORE this outfit. The shoes, the shorts, the cardigan, the necklaces.. it is perfection


I love how she throws a blazer over a dress

love the colour of this and the shape

am in love with this dress! and her hair – it is so shiny!

I love this dress so much, it is beautiful, different and suits Rachel perfectly

She really suits this colour

oh the shoes.. gorgeous

Two of my favourite outfits of hers ever

I could literally post hundreds of photos of Rachel – I have loved 99% of her outfits and the thing that makes me really admire her style and look up to her as an inspiring fashion icon is that I would wear everything she has worn. I would love her wardrobe. Even when she gets it ‘wrong’ I still adore her!

she is perfection!

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