I’ve mentioned before how much I love Post Secret and Dearoldlove. The poignant tragic love messages appeal to my inner 15 year old emo, fringe covering the face and all. There is something touching about knowing something so dark and beautiful about a stranger, something amazing about sharing your soul with the world. Some cynics say they are all made up but I refuse to believe it!

Dear old love in case you don’t know is a tumblr where people send in little love notes. There is a book out where you can read the little snippets. Reading it always makes me feel immeasurably sad and hopeful at the same time. Here are some of my favourites at the moment;

‘All I want to do is scream to the universe how much I miss you. The worst part is I know I could have you back in a second if you knew, but nothing will have changed. So I stay sadly, painfully silent.’

‘One of the reasons I left you was proven by how quickly you married again to someone who looks eerily like me. There are bets on how long before she realizes she’s not me.’

‘They tell me I deserve the best.  I think I deserve who I want, and who I want is you.’

‘If you hug me I’m afraid you’ll feel the butterflies that are ninja kicking me in my stomach.’

‘We had the most intense eye contact I have ever experienced. Tell me again why you were so afraid to let yourself want to want me?’

‘I’m over you. I’m not over what you did to me’

‘I would sing for you if you came back to me.’

‘I’ll never be able to unhear your voice.’

Here are the two post secrets I like this week; it was a bit tough as I didn’t like a lot of them. Normally part of me reacts to most of the messages and I love something about them or I can relate to them in some way, even if it is only sympathy or acknowledgement but I only really loved these two this week;

and one of my all time favourites

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  • Meg

    Ahh, the title caught my eye straight away! Spike, gotta love him 🙂

    I spend hours looking through Postsecret, I have a few of the books and some of them are awful but most of them always make me feel really warm and fuzzy 🙂

    • em

      Spike is my favourite Buffy/Angel character ever! All of my titles are quotes from him! xxx

  • Eepee

    They aren’t made up, I sent one in and it was put on the site – I was so chuffed!

    • em

      Aw you have just made my Christmas! xxx