It is time for another style icon post. I love doing these because collecting the images reminds me of how much I love the lady in question or brings up an outfit I haven’t seen before!

Tonight’s lady is Leigh Lezark. You might have seen her gracing the pages of a million different magazines with her razor sharp hair and cheekbones; she is often listed as a model or DJ but to me her occupation should be under ‘cooler than anyone, everyone, else.’ She manages to look beautiful, aloof and classy all the time; her style is pretty simple – great cuts, great colours, no obvious trends that could make her look outdated.

I think she is insanely beautiful; there is something about her that screams mysterious and cool – she has the kind of look that people spend so much money and effort trying to achieve and yet never pull it off because they look self concious or care too much about what others around them think; Leigh honestly looks like she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her and that makes her attractive to me.

She has a reputation for only wearing black but that isn’t true – sure she looks amazing in black because she can pull off the whole black hair, smoky make up and black clothes without looking like a goth – but she does pull out some amazing coloured dresses, like this white Chanel above which is one of my absolute favourites.


Something I really love about Leigh’s style is her use of texture; she is always mixing it up and playing with proportions and shoving a ruffle here, some lace there, a few feathers or some leather – it is always amazing

As someone who is not a fan of the trousers, Leigh makes me want to dig out the black skinnies I know I have hidden in some drawer somewhere because this outfit is so good.

Leigh just always looks ‘cool’ – whatever that word means.

my favourite thing about this photo is the sleeping guy on the right! I guess he isn’t as impressed with Leigh as I am!

I will leave you with a few of her more colourful outfits and a quote…

“I wouldn’t want to go down the path of somebody else… I want to find my own way.”

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