If you read Glamour you’ll know that they have a regular bit about weird things that are normal. I thought I’d tell you a few of the odd things I do in the hope that they are normal as well!

– drinking coke/ribena from a wine glass; instant grown up classiness!

– Deciding to take your socks off in bed – without using your hands; its freezing so you wear your socks to bed and then get a bit too hot so try and wriggle out of your socks using your feet to pull them off each other but its gets a bit too hot and you end up wriggling around, refusing to use your hands because that would be an admission of failure so you just keep going until you end up boiling hot, frustrated and with a sock hanging off one foot and still on the other

– Painting your nails – hating the colour. Taking it all off, starting again. Repeat until completely pissed off and end up making do with any old colour because the one you want has disappeared. Leave them to dry for ten minutes, get bored or need a wee. Smudge them all. Scream

– Spending all of your money on payday and then living on whatever’s in the cupboards for weeks. Try to avoid any situation where you need to spend money. Resolve never ever to do it again. Payday comes – money, hurrah! freedom! I’ll just look on ASOS..and pop into the shops on the way home..Next day – shit, it’s all gone. I have £3 to last a month.

– Spend ages on make up and hair – looks amazing! Staying in all day to watch Come Dine With Me. Spend ages on make up and hair – look like Transvestite – have to go to a work do/out with friends/anywhere where other people are.

– Getting massive pleasure out of buying bedding, cushions and throws, cutlery and cereal bowls! Saturdays spent perusing the home-ware section of supermarkets is amazing.

–  Feeling tragically sad after finishing the last Harry Potter book. It’s the end of an era! Also feel tragically sad that Daniel, Emma and Rupert are now millionaires and have achieved worldwide success and validation as actors and yet none of them are particularly good in the roles. I have only managed success with an overdraft and an unhealthy collection of dresses.

Here is a little early Christmas present for Amanda:

fuck me, there is something sexy about a guy in sweatpants.

Boohoo, how rubbish is the ASOS sale? It is just all the crap they haven’t shifted during the year! I settled myself down for a good hour of browsing and some serious card battering and managed to find nothing decent. Also – how expensive is it getting? Dresses are tipping the £40 mark, bags are pricier by the day. Not happy!

Though I did see this baby

What could be better than a peter pan collar swing dress!? perfect for hiding those Christmas calories!

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  • Amanda

    I have only just seen this!

    I LOVE my early (bit now late) Christmas present. He is so fit. I got his calendar too for xmas. I particularly like the very camp picture where he is on a rope swing? xxx

    • em

      lol yep, that one is lovely! I am a bit sad that there are no topless shots but never mind! xxxxx