You might have seen the article about Allie Crandell from The City. She was modelling on a website and has now been pulled for being too thin and promoting an unhealthy body weight. When I saw these pictures I swear to God my heart just ached so much.

In fact I don’t think my heart has stopped hurting yet. These pictures are tragic in every sense of the word. I wasn’t going to do a post about this; she needs help not media recognition. There are men and women praising her shape, saying she looks beautiful and healthy. She is beautiful but I have a suspicion that she doesn’t believe that. I have mentioned so many times how much I hate the pressure and heaps of expectations placed on women from the media, from everywhere really. Women are expected to be a million things at the same time and it is easy to forget that these women we watch and read about are people too. When we watch a programme and the girls are thin, emaciated, like Allie is here – please don’t try and tell me this is a natural body shape. It isn’t. Yes there are naturally thin people in the world but they do not look like this; this is the body of someone who has worked for a long time on maintaining a look that isn’t maintainable. When we watch girls like this, when we buy into the fashion and the dreams they are selling, when we buy the magazines full of starving women desperate to look good, to get ahead, when we poke fun at a celebrity who isn’t this pin thin and circle her cellulite or bingo wings, when we have women looking like small children getting ahead and making millions like Cheryl Cole, The Saturdays etc who as the years have passed have gained success with every pound they’ve dropped- when we do this, we are encouraging this. We are encouraging Allie Crandell and other young impressionable girls to starve their bodies into shapes that could kill them, whether we like it or want to admit it or not.

The magazines and programmes and music wouldn’t sell if we didn’t buy them. We are literally paying to be smacked in the face with unrealistic, unhealthy and unfair expectations. And more than that, we are paying for women like this to convince themselves that they are not good enough until they fade away into non existence. It is masochistic. It’s too fucked up.

Category: Feminism
  • ‘The magazines and programmes and music wouldn’t sell if we didn’t buy them. We are literally paying to be smacked in the face with unrealistic, unhealthy and unfair expectations.’

    Yes. I feel that magazines perpetuate this kind of unrealistic unhealthy body image all the time, and I say this all the time, but I’ve stopped buying most magazines because of it. I don’t want to pay to support this kind of thing; or, more selfishly, to make myself feel inadequate. I’ve never heard of Alice Crandell before but I am absolutely disgusting that these images were used. How on Earth do you not realise that there is something not right there?

    • em

      I think the problem is that we are so used to seeing these rail thin, emaciated girls in the media that it is only when something this shocking comes up that we react. It pisses me off so much that women feel the need to pander to an ideal that is unrealistic and dangerous.

      I buy lots of magazines but mostly for my lessons! That is my excuse anyway! xxxx