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This hideous, obese monster is in the news today under the heading ‘Is the Hilton brand expanding?’ I think Paris Hilton looks amazing, not at all overweight or elephant like which you’d expect after clicking on a heading like that. … Continue reading

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This is beautiful; I am not a Cheryl Cole fan but Adele has made this song fantastic. Continue reading

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Instead of doing the piles and piles of marking I have stacked up around me, I have been Facebook stalking instead. The gorgeous Lyzi from being little has a link on her status to a jewellery site called Galibardy. Now … Continue reading

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Ok so it’s not quite The Golden Globes or The Oscars but The Television Awards is still a pretty big event in my eyes – lots of dresses to look at, red carpet and awards! Here is a quick round … Continue reading

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As it gets closer and closer I am starting to fantastise about what I will be treating myself to come payday. I have restricted myself to online browsing as I don’t want to drool on a sales assistant or start sobbing hysterically … Continue reading

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Another day, another Daily Mail fail. Today we have an article about Claire Sweeney who has had the audacity and sheer cheek to put a few pounds on. Obviously, the Daily Mail take their duty of pissing off women up … Continue reading

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In this months Company magazine there is an article titled ‘The new OCD – obsessive calorie disorder’ outlining how 70% of us feel guilty every time we eat something. More than that, 76% of us have been on a diet, … Continue reading

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Just a tiny post here; a little wishlist from Topshop. After complaining about their steep prices recently I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of these are under £40! It makes a nice change from their £60 + dresses … Continue reading

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It is time for a new style love post. If you are intrigued about my other style icons check under the tags – you’ll find Christina Hendricks, Diane Kruger, Rachel Bilson and Maggie Gyllenhaal lurking there! My style love for … Continue reading

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You might have watched ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ last night. If you didn’t, just hit yourself over the head with something blunt and heavy and you’ll feel the same as I did after it. I’m not saying it wasn’t interesting or … Continue reading

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I love the Golden Globes! Awards season is my favourite because I am so nosy and love looking at the dresses worn. This year the dresses were fantastic – there were so many I loved and adored. Fair enough there … Continue reading

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Hello lovelies, This weekend has been super lazy. I went shopping yesterday and managed to further fail my new years resolution of not buying any clothes this month; I bought a gorgeous peter pan collar top from Primark of all … Continue reading

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Another day, another Daily Mail fail post. I really should stop reading it for the sake of my sanity but it is like a car crash – I can’t help myself from being drawn to it! There are lots of … Continue reading

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Ah, American Apparel. The brand never fails to piss me off with it’s voyeuristic, highly sexualised and degrading take on advertising. The company itself states that ‘American Apparel’s ads have always been easily identifiable, standing out amongst our peers and … Continue reading

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Hello lovelies. Hope everyone is alright? I have had the laziest weekend ever which has been so nice; I went shopping yesterday and added three new dresses and a chiffon top to my January purchases which should be 0. I … Continue reading

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