Today we have two lovely sexist treats from The Daily Mail. I am a bit enraged already as I have just had a double year 13 Sociology lesson about gender representations in the media and that always gets me riled up so reading these articles did not help my mood! We were looking at how adverts always show women in the same boring roles; mother providing a meal for the family, women cleaning dishes or the house or eating some kind of low fat bollocks like mullerlight or maltesers (‘the lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ – just enjoy bloody chocolate!) Obviously as women we only care about dishwasher tablets and calories. Men on the other hand are often seen advertising fast cars, pot noodles and junk food and shown in office jobs or with a briefcase as he arrives home to find his children clean and lovely looking and his wife with a pinny on about to serve up some 1950s bullshit supper. The students get really into it which I love but I often feel that I kind of force my opinion on to them which is bad! Must remain more neutral, however hard it is.

‘Snooki shows off new curves as she poses for Jersey Shore… perhaps it’s time for a diet?’ is an actual headline to an article today.

This image is accompanied by the caption ‘Time for a diet? Jersey Shore star Snooki looked noticeably bigger as she posed in promotional shots for the new series.’ 

Firstly I’d like to see what the reporter looks like – I’m guessing she is a supermodel based on her pretentious bullshit comments about Snooki’s weight. Secondly, and most importantly, fuck off. I don’t watch Jersey Shore so have no idea what Snookie is like as a person but she is entitled to look any damn well she pleases. She shouldn’t have to conform to some cookie cutter version of femininity in order to be accepted; she should be able to weigh what she likes without fear of ridicule or judegment and I think it is pretty disgusting that a national newspaper such as this makes such sweeping comments as ‘time for a diet’ especially as they recently ran a story about Isabelle Caro and Allie Crandell and their battles with their weight and Isabelle’s death from anorexia. Mixed signals much. It is like in magazines where they run diet articles next to the stuff about loving your body. It is irresponsible and dangerous.

The article continues with this bitchy comment ‘ While by no means skinny, she was in much better shape than she now appears. In her new picture Snooki is still posing, but she has covered up her flesh in a more conservative orange dress, using her hair to cover up her shoulders.’ It makes my blood boil that someone has sat down and written these things. It makes me even sadder that someone felt the need to.

This image is run in the same story; I’m guessing she is another star of the show? This time, rather than captioned with some comment about covering up and hiding the body and shame, with long hair, the writer has deigned to comment ‘What a sweetheart: Sammi poses in her bikini.’ Right, ok. So this figure is acceptable but Snooki’s isnt? I can see ribs and hipbones so it must be of course.  

Also in the newspaper is an article by Liz Jones. As if the Daily Mail hasn’t done enough today to peddle outdated views of gender and stir up some good old stereotypes, it has gone one further and decided to insult men as well. ‘ Who would date a man with a man bag? All a man should ever carry is a wallet and a cerebral ­paperback, both shoved in a back pocket.’ I’m sorry, what? WHAT?! What is wrong with a bag!? Did I miss a memo about male etiquette or something? When did it become a cardinal sin for men to use logic and carry their stuff in a bag? Jude Law has just landed from a long flight – I’m guessing he has all his essentials in his bag. If I were him I’d make sure to smack Liz in the face with the bag as I walked past.

In other news, it was The People’s Choice Awards recently. The frocks on offer were a big improvement on recent award nights!

I like so many of these dresses. I am also loving Khloe Kardashians trip over to the red hair side – welcome to the club love! Is she really tall or is it just me?

This is quite racy and raunchy for Ms. Swift but I love it – the colour is gorgeous and I love the shoes. It is such a nice contrast actually – the colour and material are quite angelic and peachy keen but the cut is pure filth! Love it

Annalynne McCord. I am not sure about this dress at all. I don’t like the colour and it does little to disguise how teeny tiny she is looking at the moment.

I absolutely adore this; the dress and shoes are gorgeous. I also really like the black clutch with it. I’m also glad she managed to stay upright and didn’t topple over from the weight of the make up she has on – what is it with celebrities pissing all over their god given gifts? She has the skin of a teenager! Wait, she is a teenager. She should be embracing her natural beauty! A bit of lipgloss and some mascara and she would still be gorgeous. I also loved her second dress – it’s amazing!

I am not a fan of the tan here or the dress; i love the idea of an evening maxi dress and the shape of this is lovely but the pattern is horrendous and clashes with the face and the bag. No wonder Ashley looks so pissed

The top half of this had potential – a bit too Bond girl for my liking but it was ok. The bottom ruins it though!

Cat has spread her love of swishing to her wardrobe choices. I hate this. It looks like a bad halloween costume or something an 80 year old woman might wear to a wedding

I’m going to ignore the hot mess that is that unironed, radioactive monstrosity and the cheap and nasty white dress at the end and just focus on Vanessa’s dress which I really like. It is sparkly so my inner magpie is pleased and I like the fit a lot.

Love the red Dorothy shoes, love the top of the dress but it all goes downhill from there. The pleated skirt is too tennis court/school netball team for me.

I don’t like this too much – the colour is nice but it just looks a bit too Tammy Girl, my first party dress to me. I love Mila though so never mind!

I hate this but love it at the same time. I love the shoes and I like the shape of the dress but I hate the bottom; it is too techno and my little pony, you know?

Hope everyone is ok!

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  • Claudia

    Your posts are so entertaining! I wouldn’t normally follow someone i didn’t know, but i find myself agreeing with so much you say that i had to. your fashion chat is particularly good -great balance of genuine appreciation of clothes and witty remarks. keep writing! x

    • em

      Thank you so much! That is such a lovely thing to say! I will keep writing – I sometimes think people think stop bloody writing so much! xxx

  • They had an article yesterday about Gordon Ramsay’s botox or hair implants or whatever else he’s had done called “Don’t you know there’s nothing more unattractive in a man than vanity?” SERIOUSLY? Ehh so it’s ok to be a selfish, brutal, unkind, impatient, emotionally immature bastard but as long as you don’t want to put moisturiser on before bed your girlfriend will still (and should) fancy you? Sorry I’m not buying that bullshit.

    • em

      It is so ridiculous how they keep peddling these outdated ideas! Men should be manly, down the pub and smacking women on the ass, not taking care of themselves god damn it. and woman should be grateful for a bit of touch and have dinner, slippers and a pipe waiting for her man when he gets home from work/screwing his secretary. I hate the Mail so much! xxx