This hideous, obese monster is in the news today under the heading ‘Is the Hilton brand expanding?’ I think Paris Hilton looks amazing, not at all overweight or elephant like which you’d expect after clicking on a heading like that. Apparently ‘The usually super-slim socialite appears to have been putting on pounds steadily over the past six months.’ So?

The Daily Mail also had this lovely statement to make; ‘ She’s the heiress to a multi-million dollar fortune and with her line of fragrances, make-up and clothing she has cultivated a Barbie-inspired brand based on herself. But as her empire is expanding so, it appears, is her waistline and the 29-year-old showed off a remarkably fuller figure in Brazil yesterday.’ What the fuck!? A ‘remarkably fuller figure?!’

This image is captioned as ‘Paris showing off her bikini body’ which implies that this is the only body shape worth showing off. ‘Her appearance was in stark contrast to the Paris that soaked up the sun in a pink stripey two-piece in St Tropez, back in July. All summer Paris was apparently ‘flaunting her trim and slim frame in a number of stylish swimwear pieces’ but she then had the cheek to put on a bit of weight.

Even if she has, why the fuck should that call for a national newspaper to splash it about like this? It is articles like this that cause the body loathing, self hatred and agonies of crash dieting that they then so often report about. They are literally the cause and effect all by themselves

‘a slim socialite in 2009’

‘Yesterday while she was still happy to pose for the cameras  she was looking at her largest and sported a much fuller figure … she wore her hair in a french plait on the side of her head revealing a much plumper face than usual.’

‘she was still happy to pose.’ STILL HAPPY? What, so she shouldn’t be? – should she be hiding in shame? Is her new ‘fuller figure’ something to be embarrassed off? So hideous that she needs to hide herself under tent dresses for the forseeable future until articles like this shame her into dieting to conform to your standards? It makes me feel so mad that someone could even sit and think, let alone, write these things. She looks beautiful, she is beautiful. Paris shouldn’t have to be afraid of posing or stepping outside her front door because fuckwits like this journalist will attack her. It is a joke that newspapers like this can write articles about how shocking it is that more women then ever are considering plastic surgery or who refuse to leave the house without make up and then in the same newspaper have articles like this, slamming women who are a size 10 for being ‘fuller figured’ and handing out backhanded compliments like ‘she is still happy to pose.’ Fuck off

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Category: Feminism
  • Simone

    She looks absolutely fantastic. She suits those extra few ounces! *rolling eyes*

    • em

      I agree, she looks lovely. God knows who wrote this! xxx

  • AGh goodness me when will this behaviour in the media end?!!! I personally think she looks nice!


    • em

      me too! she looks lovely! and still slender – the way they’ve written it you’d expect an elephant to come stutting down the catwalk! xxxx

  • OMG! She is so fat… Should be too ashamed to leave the house etc, etc. What a joke! I personally think she looks better with a bit of meat on her bones, she looks healthier and not so frail. I don’t read this kinda crap but it really scares me what we as a society are becoming. Three of my close friends have eating disorders and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


    • em

      I agree – as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder it scares me half to death that we are sending messages out like this! I swear it never used to be so bad. There are so many more magazines, websites and channels for this stuff to be thrown at us from so it seems like we are surrounded by negative body image ideas all the time! She looks beautiful, still slender and healthy looking as you said and happy but obv that isnt enough; she needs to be stick thin! xxxxxx

  • Simone

    I found this blog just at the right time I think. I’ve never been overly concerned with my figure. I know I’m overweight, a UK size 16 and quite short too, but I’ve got a husband who loves me. However, lately I’ve been feeling really self conscious – I’ve started a new team at work that is teeming with slim, beautiful and appearance obsessed women. I can’t go a day without hearing about microdermabrasion, eyebrow tattoos or cellulite. My self esteem has taken a real hit and for the first time ever I’ve gone on a diet. What I’ve found whilst following Slimming World (I refuse to pay to join a class so I’m just piggy backing off a friend who pays, ha!) is that I don’t eat all that badly. I don’t eat chips, biscuits, crisps. My only bad eating habit is those childhood favourites Flying Saucers and Strawberry Laces (all about the retro!)

    Just be giving in to these external pressures I feel weak and so low about myself. So it’s nice to read your thoughts and know what not everybody out there is as shallow as the media suggests!

    • em

      I hate that you feel so bad about yourself and that external pressures are getting you so low. Just because the girls you work with are thin does not mean they are better or more beautiful than you. You have a boyfriend who loves you and that is a positive thing you should focus on! I know its bloody hard when everywhere you turn there is a stick thin lady whose sole purpose seems to be to make you feel crap but just try and focus on the positive bits. I hate the pressures placed on women, I think they are awful and are all designed to keep women occupied and concerned with their figures so they dont focus on the real problems such as inequality in the workplace, the difference in pay figures, the fact that women are the most affected by poverty and are still doing the lionshare of child care and domestic issues. We have so much more to worry about than whether or not we have a single digit clothes label. xxxxxxxxxxx