The blog world has been going crazy with fashion week images and telling us what’s the next big thing we should be stocking our wardrobes with but quite frankly I don’t give a shit if stripes are in or out this spring; the real issue for me is the size of the models strutting down the runway – or stalking their way to an early grave if we’re being precise. Every year we are force fed articles about how damaging images of malnourished models are to the general well being of teenagers and grown women alike. Every year we hear about how fashion houses are going to be more responsible and only showcase girls with BMIs in double figures. When Crystal Renn walked for Jean Paul Gaultier it seemed like a positive step in the right direction; alright it was one model for one designer but it was a start. Now she is a UK size 6 and it seems like everyone else has moved on from the gimmick of ‘healthy bodies’ and gone back to showing the same emaciated, half dead bodies of before.

This year the elephant in the room has been Andrej Pejic; a male model doing the rounds for big fashion houses like Jean Paul Gaultier ( always one of the first to jump on a fickle trend clearly) and Jeremy Scott

Yep he’s gorgeous and he’s also taking attention away from the fucking massive issue of the female models

These girls don’t make me want to buy these clothes. The clothes look awful; they are hanging, they are showing bones and sinew and pain. These figures are not natural. They don’t just happen for gods sake; these girls are forcing their bodies to look like this. Naturally thin girls don’t have bones poking through their skin, don’t have hollow, dead eyes or dull dry skin. These girls look sick. The last time I saw skin and bones like that it was before I was admitted to hospital with an eating disorder and yet no one seems to be doing anything about these girls.

The fact that Crystal Renn, despite being massively applauded for her plus size figure and scoring campaigns with loads of different fashion houses, still decided to make the decision to go back to being tiny; it’s telling. It’s worrying. It doesn’t matter what we do individually – if the overwhelming consensus is to allow women like this to destroy their bodies in the name of fashion then we are never going to get anywhere. In the last image of Chloe Memisevic I think it’s pretty interesting that none of the women in the background watching her have a similar body type and yet no one is looking shocked or scared by her skeletal frame. It is almost as if we expect models to look like this and so become blinded to how damaging it actually is. When shows do have a token plus size model, they drag out some toned size 12 and sit smugly safe in the knowledge that they have ticked a box. It pisses me off so much; these models are unhealthy. what kind of impression is that? what kind of example are we setting to young girls when we let models who should be in some rehab room somewhere strut down a catwalk in the latest must haves?

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Category: Feminism
  • Manda

    Great post Em.

    Gok always annoys me so much when he carts out his ‘Gokettes’ who are “all shapes and sizes”. NO…….there is a super skinny one, a skinny one, and a Blonde one with big boobs. Thats his idea of ‘all’ shapes and sizes.

    • em

      I know!! I hate Gok – can’t believe how much we used to watch it! He annoys me so much with how he tells women what they should and shouldnt wear and trots out the same recycled styles week after week. Neck scarf and gloves anyone!? love you darling! xxxxxxx

  • LC

    hmmm, i have never really watched fashion shows, and now i don’t think i want to, to be honest those pictures made me feel a little ill, i cannot believe that people would accept those bodies as healthy, when you rightly pointed out those girls are clearly not naturally skinny, but instead forcing their bodies.

    thankyou for opening my eyes, the couple of posts i have read on your blog since i started following i have really enjoyed xx

    • em

      Thank you love, thats a nice comment. I know what you mean; I look at these bodies and it makes my heart ache. it definitely does not make me want to rush out and buy the clothes they are modelling. I think it is incredibly irresponsible that this is allowed to happen but no one seems to want to take action; not the fashion houses who claim to just be pandering to society’s demands, not the government who complain about the growing number of teenagers admitted with eating disorders; not the models themselves who continue to starve into non existence. It is just tragic really. xxxx