The Daily Mail just doesn’t know what to do with single women. Jennifer Aniston used to be their ‘go to girl’ for when they wanted to churn out some catty, wanky article about how tragic life as a single woman must be but the problem with her is that she always looks so damn happy that the stories fell flat most of the time. It is hard to convince the readers of poor Jennifers lonely life when she is literally sparkling. Renee Zellweger solved that nicely – single and miserable looking, perfect. Then she went and shacked up with Bradley Cooper so it was all knives out for Lisa Snowdon and a daily rundown of the misdemeanors of Kerry Katona. However, they can rejoice once more as Renee is back on the singles market.

Without a minute to lose an article has been published recently talking about ‘poor sad’ Renee and how she is coping with life alone. The article is littered with words like ‘lonely’ ‘grim faced’ and written in a kind of smug, self satisfied way. The author talks of how Renee hid her pain and heartache well – or perhaps she was just fine? Ever think about that? A boyfriend is not the be all and end all in life and it frustrates me that newspapers and magazines continue to sell us this idea that we are failures without a man in our lives, that we have somehow let down the female species or pissed all over life’s plan for us. Note that men don’t have to worry about this. Single men are fine, great in fact. Single women on the other hand – oh no. As women we should know our place and settle down with the first troll who offers a ring.

The Daily Mail has two great articles today about Craig David and Brendon Fraser – laying into one for daring to ‘pile on the pounds’ and praising the other for his ‘impressively toned’ physique. It seems that men can’t escape the media pressures regarding body image either.

The Mail had this to say about Brendan ‘  He made female audiences swoon playing a muscular action hero in The Mummy film franchise, and even as dim-witted but six-packed George Of The Jungle. But many years have passed since Brendan Fraser’s late Nineties heyday, and the actor has succumbed to piling on the pounds in recent years.’ So? How is this news? Thankfully though, to save our poor eyes from his hideous form ‘Brendan covered up his extra pounds in a grey T-shirt and Adidas tracksuit bottoms.’

Craig on the other hand is clearly more easy on the eye for the reporters at the Mail – for a start the headline of the article is ‘hello muscles.’ They might as well have just written ‘ men this is what you need to look like or we will tear you apart.’

‘The Slicker Than Your Average singer showed off his bulging muscles in just a pair of black shorts.’ Lucky for us ladies Craig was happy to ‘flex his muscles’ in the sun and ‘Craig was certainly feeling confident about his form and took his shirt off.’

I think both men look great and just like we should celebrate all the shapes and sizes women come in and champion the right for them to be acknowledged in the media, men deserve that too. I can’t help but feel bad for how shit Brendan must have felt when he read that and likewise, Craig seeing this article is probably hit by the realisation that he needs to keep it up or face the wrath of some anonymous reporter the next time he feels like breathing out or going crazy with a Mcdonalds lunch.

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  • LC

    I love your posts, so many good points, so much of the ‘news’ is rubbish x

    • em

      It isn’t even news! Just written to keep us on our toes and keep us fretting about our appearance when we should we worrying about bigger issues! xxx

  • Totally love this post, so well put and all of it so true!

    • em

      Thank you love xxx