I feel like I haven’t done a style love post for a while and I need some inspiration for spring and summer so this seems like a great time! I love Keira Knightley – I know she is often under scrutiny for her weight and questionable acting skills but there is something so elegant, so quintessentially British about her that I adore. She is always flying the flag for young or up and coming British designers as well as throwing in some Topshop and more established names to the mix.

I love Keira’s red carpet choices; she is queen of the ethereal, fairy like gowns or clean clines and great tailoring

 I think this is beautiful; keira really knows and works her body. She has a tiny frame, however natural that is for her who knows but she can wear draping, texture and layers without bulking herself out

insanely beautiful

This is feminine and almost too sugar sweet for me but I still love it. I think she looks painfully thin here which makes me ache a little

Love the pleating and easy shape of this

Both of these are gorgeous; vintage looking and great shapes on her

This is very sensual and ‘grown up’ which I love

sigh – this is too good. I love the colour, the fit, the shape, everything!

The thing I love most about keira though is her laid back style when she is off camera and the red carpet; she always looks so relaxed, comfy and fashionable without being too obvious

I love the preppy vintage style of the three outfits above

You know how much I love coats and Keira has a few amazingly well fitted coats that go with everything and that I would love to own;

I don’t like everything Keira wears; there have been a few times where I’ve grimaced at an outfit choice

I don’t know what it is about these two that i don’t like; maybe it is because they aren’t like the usual wispy, graceful numbers I like seeing Keira in or maybe it is because they seem so sexual and so ‘out there’ whereas her usual style is a much more reserved, quiet kind of sexuality.

I will leave you with Keira in a gorgeous Chanel dress that I love so much for its luxe simplicity and the famous green dress from Atonement that will probably be the dress Keira is remembered for

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