I love the Royal family – it is almost uncool to admit that nowadays but I really do. People bleat on about how expensive they are and how unnecessary without really researching how much money they bring into the country through tourism (over £170m a year without taking into account money made from restaurants, taxis, shops and hotels) and how little they really cost taxpayers (about 70p each).They are an integral part of our history, they operate an important constitutional position and are figureheads for the country. I thought that the wedding was beautiful; everyone came together to celebrate something momentous and from the coverage I caught, the people lining the streets in London were happy, excited and proud which is how I felt!

Here is a round up of my favourite dresses on the day!

I thought the dress was stunning; the right mixture of elegant, timeless and modest; very Grace Kelly esque and suited Kate perfectly. I think she made a lovely choice by asking Sarah Burton at McQueen to design it and I adored the fact that she was wearing the Queen’s Cartier tiara!

I really liked Carole Middleton’s outfit; it was simple and understated but fitted her perfectly and the colour was gorgeous.

I think I am the only person on the planet who didn’t like this dress. It was creased and too plain. I was also really concerned about how thin Pippa looked; everyone was concentrating on Kate’s weight loss in the run up to the wedding but I think sister Pippa jumped on the abstinence wagon as well as she looks tiny here.

I’m not too sure why Joss Stone was there but I loved her coral outfit regardless!

I wasn’t too enamoured with Victoria Beckham’s outfit; it was much too severe and funeral like considering everyone else rocked up in nudes, pinks and pastels. Her shoes were very high for someone who is six months pregnant and the hat was a massive fail. I love her though and normally think she is amazingly decked out so am ignoring this!

Fuck knows what this is. Eugenie’s shoes are lush but that’s about it. Beatrice looks like she is wearing an octopus on her head

Not the most exciting dress in the world but it looked lovely, the colour was nice and I like the shoes.

I don’t like either of these at all

Probably the cutest bridesmaids ever! I love Eliza Lopes little bob and full fringe!

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