Today Nicola McLean made the massive mistake of going out in public revealing an inch or two of skin that wasn’t perfectly toned, honed and ‘appropriate.’ Luckily the Daily fucking Mail were there to take photos and insult her beyond belief by writing a bitchy article about her ‘faux pas.’

‘The 27-year-old, who gave birth to her second child Striker last March, exposed her stretch marks with the revealing top – a faux pas which she probably hadn’t anticipated.’ Or maybe she didnt care? Maybe she thought she looked pretty fucking great for a woman who has had two children? Maybe she is proud of those marks because they are a visual reminder of her strength and ability?

The thing that pisses me off the most about this story is that the Mail recently ran an article about Nicola’s struggle with her weight and her battles with an eating disorder. Nicola admitted that she would sometimes go for days without eating and her weight dropped to six stone. Now I think that journalists have a responsibility to report sensibly and safely- this kind of cutting, sharp tongued writing is a joke. What they are doing is hindering a woman’s road to recovery by insulting her appearance and implying that the decision she has made, whether knowingly or not, to show her pregnancy stretch marks, is wrong. A massive amount of women have stretch marks like these and some wanker at the Daily Mail has now put the idea into their heads that they are wrong and not beautiful and certainly something to be hidden away in shame. We all get stretch marks, cellulite, ‘unsightly’ blemishes or whatever at some point yet the media bombards us with images of perfectly smooth, unmarked skin as photoshop has eradicated everything else. We forget that people might get stretch marks after they have had a baby,shock horror. We convince ourselves that we are wrong, are ugly and we are not. We are normal and beautiful.

‘Regardless of her erroneous fashion choice, Nicola looked a lot healthier than she has done since the birth of her second son. ‘ Well if anything is likely to piss all over her progress and set her back then this article will be it. Well done, you massive dickheads

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  • Did you go to Slutwalk yesterday? Great to be around other people angry about body-shaming and victim shaming 🙂