After reading some great feedback from other blogs and online reviews I decided to buy some Missguided dresses. You might have heard about them; they sell dresses very similar to popular Topshop or ASOS ones but about half the price. Looking through them I got very excited; the dresses looked gorgeous and were so cheap! They seemed a bit too good to be true to be honest but I went ahead and ordered these babies;

The Marylon and Jenn dresses. Now I know why they are half the price of ASOS though – they are half the bloody material. All of the ones I ordered were so short; indecently so! I literally could see my bum cheeks in the first dress and I’m only 5″4; hardly Heidi Klum proportions so god knows how someone taller manages with these. Now I’m not a fan of super short skirts; sometimes on blogs I see girls in skirts so short that they would need me saying twenty hail marys before leaving the house and yet they want them shortened or complain about how long they are. Call me old fashioned but I like my whole arse to be covered when I go out.

- I started back at school this week – no more lie in’s until midday for me! Getting up at 6am was HELL ON EARTH but I actually really liked being back at work. I feel all motivated and can’t wait to start teaching again. I have a few key stage 3 classes this year which will be amazing. I normally teach key stages 4 and 5 so this will be a nice break from the pressure of exam subjects. I still have year 13 and the whole of year 12 Sociology to teach and I do have some year 10 and 11 classes so I’m not completely off the hook but it will be lovely to teach some of the younger years!

- The boy and I have been thinking about wedding ideas; so far we have decided to have our reception in a big barn full of fairy lights and candles and we are going to have tea and cakes and a big bbq! My bridesmaids will wear black and he is having a band of merry men instead of one best man so that should be lovely! I am in love with these Vera Wang dresses but sadly my budget is more Vera Mode. A girl can dream though..!

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  • Simone

    Are you tempted to wear a coloured wedding dress? I wore a red wedding dress that was custom made, and whilst I would with hidsight have the shape a little bit different, I loved not being traditional!

  • Hannah Ellis-Young

    The black dress is simply stunning and huge kudos to you if you decide to wear a black wedding dress; I think it would look awesome

    • em

      It is beautiful! I am very tempted – i think white is a bit hypocritical; i have lived with my fiancee for years now – the jig is up! xxxx