I am so immeasurably angry with this article in the Mail today. ‘Vanessa Hudgens shows off her curvier figure in ANOTHER unflattering outfit .’ The entire piece smacks of malice, jealousy and bitchiness at it’s highest level. I almost couldn’t finish reading it to be honest as it reads like a 12 year old girl, still harbouring murderous thoughts over Vanessa’s dalliance with Zefron, has decided to get her own back.

Let’s break it down a little bit: ‘Just when it looked like she was back to being stylish, Vanessa Hudgens stepped out wearing yet another unflattering outfit.’ Right. The ‘journalist’ then goes on to say how Vanessa had to ‘pile’ on the pounds to look this ‘big’ and that ‘Vanessa hugged a female friend goodbye and failed to hide her fuller figure.’ What fuller figure? She looks great; beautiful – casual and relaxed as she is out with friends. Why the fuck should she ‘hide’ her figure? What would the wanky Mail prefer to see her in? A sack with armholes? Or should she be hiding her hideousness away inside until she has dropped a few stones and is then considered fit for viewing?

Vanessa continues with her major faux pas day with this; ‘The actress-turned-singer was obviously enjoying having a lazy day off as she wore her hair up in a messy bun and had no make-up on.’ Heaven forbid a woman should step outside without a full face of make up on. I mean, Jesus Christ. It’s this kind of fucked up bullshit that means young girls the world over are too afraid to look themselves in the mirror and be happy with what they see – when stars making millions are pulled apart for daring to subvert the messed up rules we place on women it just ends up reinforcing those messages; women must look a certain way and must be a certain weight to be considered attractive. Vanessa looks perfectly happy and healthy in these images and yet girls will read this and decide that she is fat and ugly because she dares to be make up less in public and go out without some spanx on to hide her ‘fuller figure.’ They will read the words and read between to lines and it will stay with them. It makes my blood boil that a) someone wrote this shit and b) it was allowed to be published. Vanessa is 22 for fucks sake; why is it ok for some dickhead to abuse her in this manner; to abuse any woman like this?

My favourite part is this; ‘And even though filming has finished and she no longer has to put on weight, the star obviously still has food on her mind.’ Maybe she is eating her fucking lunch you morons? Articles like this are poison; no journalistic merit, no skill, no talent is discernible here – it is just malice and cruel.

I have included the link for you all but feel free to completely ignore it. I wish I had.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2048666/Vanessa-Hudgens-shows-curvier-figure-ANOTHER-unflattering-outfit.html#ixzz1aknTJ4xD

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  • Love this blog!!!

    • em

      Thank you darling! x

  • Dan from London: “Sweet little ass on her. Shame about the tattoos.”

    I think the rest of the comments speak for themselves. I don’t understand who reads these articles and AGREES!!