Hello loves,
Life seems to get in the way sometimes; I look at these people who update everyday and have no idea how they manage! Here is a quick update on what I have been up to
- Watching Breaking Dawn with my fiancee – absolutely loved it. I had read some damning critiques of it beforehand so wasn’t expecting much but thought it was fantastc! Really well done and even the parts they had changed seemed to fit in well and make sense. I already want to watch it again so might have to sneak in a second viewing at some point soon. Wasn’t keen on the wedding dress though; back was lovely but the front looked a bit too much like those ponte skater dresses that were massive a while back!

- Preparing for the strike day next Wednesday. This is such a contentious issue; lots of people read The Daily Mail and think that teachers are glorified part timers who piss about from 9 – 3 and then retire to a life of luxury which is bollocks. I pay nearly £200 a month for my pension and work extremely hard for it. We also pay tax and national insurance which is coveniantly missed out when newspapers start slagging us off and say that we get a pension provided for nothing. Teachers have degrees, post grad certificates and in lots of cases, masters degrees and could potentially earn more in the private sector but choose not to; our pension is an incentive to work in an undervalued industry that is rife with hoops to jump through, ever changing Ofsted and department goalposts and behaviour issues that are deemed to be entirely our fault with no responsibility placed on either parent or child. I love being a teacher, absolutely adore being in the classroom but if our pensions are taken away, what is left? According to our pay and conditions document we are only paid to work 32.5 hours a week which is ludicrous compared to the 60 hour weeks myself and most teachers I know put away each week. That means we do nearly our entire expected working week twice. I don’t mind staying late to help a student with a UCAS statement or spending hours over a weekend marking and planning but I do mind, very fucking much, when the public makes no acknowledgment whatsoever of the hard job teachers have. It isn’t turning up at 9 and leaving at 3. Not a chance. Lessons have to be planned otherwise how else can they be taught? Work has to be marked otherwise how else can we measure and monitor progress? Meetings, parents evenings, open evenings, detention duty, film club etc; these all add up. I don’t want to say it is harder than any other job. I might think that but I won’t say it. I do however want people to remember that we are a profession that is completely torn apart and slated, hated and ridiculed. It isn’t fair. Please support the strike.

- Christmas is so soon! how quickly has it creeped up!? I have a few presents left to buy for the boy and then some family bits and then I am done! It feels like quite a relief to know that I don’t have to battle the frenzied shopping crowds in London this year. The boy and I are sending out our Christmas cards soon as well which always makes me feel festive!

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