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Wow, life got in the way a bit there. Exam season is well and truly here – my year 12′s had their first Sociology exam yesterday which was AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for better questions. A 6 mark question on disability, an essay on gender and an essay on Marxism. My students were really confident so I can breathe easy for a while! Year 11 also had their first R.E exam which went fine as well. I’m a bit panicked and think that at any point I will be thrown a curveball as everything is going so well. This isn’t normal! Where is the hysteria, the crying students huddled together, the tricky questions that make you want to throw yourself off a bridge or hit an examiner or two in the face?! Still a few more to go and the big year 13s ones though so watch this space..!

Wedding planning has taken over my whole life. We have spreadsheets, guest lists, schedules taped to the wall. It is like a military operation. My baby sister is getting married as well next year – baby being 25! Luckily our weddings are very different. She is going for a classy hotel style affair whilst we are rocking a manor house ceremony and barn dance reception. The house we are getting married in was in this weeks Stylist magazine which had me shrieking in delight! They only hold 6 weddings a year so we are VERY lucky – our reception only holds 18 again so luck was on our side that both were available on the same date! We are going for a bit of a vintage theme – bunting, fairy lights, English roses etc. We both want it to be laid back and beautiful. I am incredibly lucky to be marrying someone who understands my heart and that we have had no arguments yet about what we both want for the day. The budget has gone out the window as well – what started as a modest £5000 has since doubled and shows no signs of slowing down. Weddings are so bloody expensive; I remember how adament I was that I would never succumb to this pressure and yet here I am – surrounded by bridal magazines, save the date cards and bloody favour ideas. Weddings do something to you I swear. I was a rational ( at times..) woman before this madness took hold and now I am gone.

I am so excited to be marrying Mike. I don’t talk about him too often but he is wonderful. Very funny, supportive, beautiful. And tall! He makes me a better person; all the good bits of me come from him. He makes me laugh, feel safe and feel special, every day. He really is my very best friend. Someone asked him if he could picture us together at 80. I wouldn’t get married if I couldn’t. I can’t wait to be mrs now!

I have been looking at all of the autumn and winter 2012 collections lately and I am in love. I hope we can just bypass summer and skip straight to the jumpers, boots and coats again. It looks like we might do that actually with this weather!


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