I feel sick at the way Kristen is still being treated by the media; companies like the one above are cashing in on the ‘scandal’ and it’s fucked up. I have already written about this but I just can’t believe how much stick she is getting. Rupert has managed to escape most of the fury here and it pisses me off – it is such an example of blatant sexism. He is a forty something married man of two and yet isn’t even getting a quarter of the anger directed at Kristen. I feel so sad for her – she won’t be able to escape this, ever. Every time something is written about her, this will be dragged up. And him? Well now everyone knows who he is and might be more inclined to check out his films. It’s such a terrible demonstration of the way in which women are viewed and treated in society. She is a home wrecker, a slut, bad. His role in it is ignored and I have even read comments about people cheering him on and saying ‘good for you’ about his tryst with a twenty two year old woman. It makes me so angry.

Speaking of massive douche bags – Rihanna has apparently appeared on the Oprah show to talk about the Chris Brown incident. You know the one where he beat the shit out of her and then carried on having number one singles and albums and people conveniently forgot that he’s a massive dickhead? Rihanna has said that he ‘made a mistake’ – I think the mistake is ours personally. For playing his music on the radio, buying his cds, buying into his bullshit. Hearing, ‘hey, it’s your boy Chris Brown’ on the radio is guaranteed to make me turn off. You’re not my boy. You should be in jail.

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