I’m going to make a bold statement. I have had many style crushes over the years but think I may have found my ultimate, all time favourite style icon ever. Yep, EVER!

Emma Stone is amazing – I love everything she wears and she has this easy, casual way about her that makes everything look good and right; like she is wearing the clothes and not the other way round. I read an interview where she said she had a stylist – whoever that person is deserves a knighthood for services to eyes. Here is a slightly over the top collection of my favourite outfits Emma has worn. I think I am obsessed.

Perfection. Everything about this dress is beautiful. Plus, I love the hair and make up here.


Emma wears a lot of these fifties type, full skirted dresses which are my favourite. I love how ‘feminine’ and simple they are in emphasising all the best bits of a lady!



There is a masculine element to these outfits which I really like but they are also revealing without being tacky. I think you run the risk of being considered ‘tarty’ when wearing something almost cut to the navel but somehow, Emma manages to carry it off and still look classy.

I love her red carpet looks – she makes good decisions regarding her dresses and the colours are always on point for whatever hair colour she has at the time.


This is one of my favourite dresses ever – I love the two colours together and think the belt toughens it up a bit. Also love the shoulder detailing.



Amazing! I love the floral print, the simple shape, the colours with her hair.. it’s all dreamy!


Gorgeous colour against her pale skin plus the little pops of colour like the red nails and gold clutch are a nod to the eccentricity of Emma’s style. They aren’t over the top but are quirky little touches that make a plain dress stunning.


This is my favourite dress of hers so far – I really like the shape of it and the red detailing. It is lovely!

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