I love this video so, so much. It is frustrating that it took subverting traditional sexism and making it accessible to get sexism noticed but it’s brilliant. It’s clever, funny and really hits home the subtle, and brick to the face blindingly obvious, ways that women are hit by sexism.

When I showed it to some male friends, they didn’t believe that women are subject to the sexism depicted in the video but the sad fact is, that ALL of the situations were re-enactments of scenarios sent in to everyday sexism. I think it’s great that we are challenging people’s ideas of what is acceptable behaviour; a woman asking a man for casual sex or to take off his clothes is laughably ludicrous, as highlighted by the reactions in the clip, but yet this happens all the time in bars up and down the country to women. Asking for a female shop assistant? Crazy and yet we see it happening the other way around. I have been in a computer store where I was purchasing a laptop, WITH MY OWN MONEY and yet the sales guy didn’t even look at me. Point blank ignored everything I said or asked. I’ve also had builders come round to my house, see I’m in alone and suggest coming back ‘when the old man is in.’ As if, somehow, my vagina renders me incapable of explaining what needs fixing.

I forgot that when they handed out breasts, they also gave us a lobotomy, ensuring that we would never be able to take part in a discussion about sport, DIY or technology. Rolling eyes.

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