gaga3Oh how the internet loves a photo-shop scandal. Out takes from a Lady Gaga/Versace ad have been leaked online and everyone has been rushing in to slag off Gaga’s pre touched up face. Heaven forbid a woman have pores and an uneven skin tone, am I right?

gaga1Published on the Daily Mail, this article states ‘Gaga is likely to be unimpressed by leaked shots from the campaign that show her pre-photoshop. The difference between the washed out model with dark circles and the glistening alabaster beauty from the finished, retouched images is truly astonishing.’ Really?

‘The washed out model’ – how nice of the journalist to imply that only the photo shopped version of Gaga is a ‘beauty.’ Archie Rice goes on to say ‘less than flawless: The shots show just how much make-up and work Gaga needed to make her campaign-ready.’ Articles like this really piss me off; they put untold amounts of pressure on women to conform to unrealistic standards and shout out to all and sundry that dark circles, pores and looking less than magazine flawless is unacceptable.

gaga2It is so damaging to read such patronising, body shaming bullshit like this. I read it, roll my eyes and get pissed off but some readers might internalise the messages. What articles like this do is transmit dominant ideologies regarding hegemonic notions of beauty; how a woman should look, behave, act.

The part I hate the most is where Rice states that the images show us ‘how much work’ Gaga needs to look ‘ready.’ This implies that her normal state isn’t good enough to front a national campaign or be seen in public. That her make up free face can somehow have a detrimental effect on handbag sales. Gaga is often heard shouting out against bullying and standing up for her beliefs in inner beauty and self love; part of me wants to think that she wouldn’t give a shit about these shots being out in the public eye.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of our ‘naked’ faces. Articles like this inspire low self esteem and body shaming in young women; they make us feel that we need a magic photo shopping wand waved over us before we can leave the house in order to feel attractive.

Archie Rice can fuck off with this misogynistic wank fest.



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Category: Feminism
  • Simone Roberts

    My first thought on seeing this article was “wow, she looks rough” and then I hated myself for it. I guess it’s because I am so used to seeing the preened Lady GaGa that seeing the “real” person is a shock. I know that says a lot about me, but it also says a lot about the industry. I don’t think that phootshop should be allowed. What does it matter how someone looks when they’re selling a handbag?!
    I often go makeup free and only wear it for myself because I like playing around with it. I think if more magazines etc had the backbone to edit their images less then seeing celebs sans makeup or in their natural state wouldn’t shock us and therefore they couldn’t write articles like the one in the Daily Fail.

    • I know what you mean; when I first saw them I was a bit surprised as we just don’t see images like this of celebs. They are kept hidden away so most people believe that celebs inhabit a world free from pores, bad skin, greasy hair and cellulite.
      I think more magazines need to take a tougher stance on photo shop, it presents an unrealistic image of women and is damaging to be bombarded with on a daily basis! xxx