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‘Rape culture, loool’ – this is a comment someone tweeted to me recently; completely out of the blue, unprovoked and just because he felt entitled to throw himself into my mentions and start calling women ‘sluts’ and telling me that … Continue reading

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I LOVED the responses this feature got last time; so many of you tweeted me, emailed or sent me a DM with a question to be answered. This week, Mungle and I are taking on anal sex, vibrators, first time … Continue reading

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I LOVE collab posts – Through blogging and twitter, I’ve made some amazing friends and getting the chance to write with people I admire is definitely one of the best parts of anygirlfriday. Today I am sharing space with Exhibit … Continue reading

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‘Fingering’ is such an unpleasant word for something so great, something so quick to get you off. Fingering seems to be a nostalgic fad, something we left in the 90s, along with our crush on Zack Morris and those headbands … Continue reading

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Writing about sex and feminism means my inbox is often full of questions (and dodgy propositions..) from minxes asking for advice. With that in mind, and a hand from one of my favourite babes, this regular feature was born. Welcome … Continue reading

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‘So you would just kill my kids then, is that it?’ This is a question someone asked me when I said that I was pro choice. Because obviously, my belief that women should be autonomous beings with the right to … Continue reading

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Oh, the female orgasm. There is so much mystery surrounding it that I’m surprised we haven’t seen a mass exodus of men thinking ‘fuck this’ and migrating to Buddhist monasteries. Statistically, only 25% of women can orgasm through vaginal intercourse … Continue reading

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Given how incredibly gendered sexual violence is, it’s easy to slip into unfair and damaging assumptions when discussing it; women as victims: men as perpetrators. Rape, and sexual assault are definitely feminist issues. They are humanist issues. We should all … Continue reading

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